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Installer SSH & OpenVPN untuk VPS Debian 10 64 bit


Installing OpenVPN, OpenSSH, Dropbear, Squid SSH becomes easier and faster with the help of an installer script. You don’t need to install the application manually and the installation process is complicated.

What is needed?
– Clean server
– VPS/Dedicated Server (Debian 10 64bit)

What features are there?
– OpenSSH, ports: 22, 444
– Dropbear, ports: 80, 143
– SSL, port : 443
– Squid3, ports: 8000, 8080 (limit to IP VPS)
– Badvpn : badvpn-udpgw port 7200
– Webmin : http://IPVPS:10000/
– OpenVPN : TCP 1194 and UDP 25000
– Script menu: displays a list of available commands
– Usernew script : create SSH account and OpenVPN
– Trial script: create SSH and OpenVPN trial accounts
– Delete script: delete SSH and OpenVPN accounts
– Script check: check user login
– Member script: check the list of SSH and OpenVPN members
– Speedtest script : VPS speedtest
– Script info : display system information
– Script about : information about auto install script
– VPS auto reboot every 12 pm

How to install?
run this command wget http://evira.us/deb10.sh && chmod +x ./deb10.sh && ./deb10.sh
After installing, please restart/reboot the server with the following command reboot

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