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Cool! WhatsApp Now Can Send 2GB Files and Get 512 People to Groups


WhatsApp until current current still be one one container communication digital which many used by all people. Not surprised, presence a series of features and innovations latest could be said very anticipated.

One one that is there is improvement on WhatsApp which where application made Mark Zuckerberg this already can send file up to capacity amount 2GB. Not only that , concurrently WhatsApp also announced via blog officially that now users already can invite as many as 512 people to group who are in it.

Previously, WhatsApp only allow share file and media up to size 100MB. Thing that sometimes create user loyal complain and not little too that switch to platform Telegram for just send document. Now, restrictions this will removed and user will can share file which bigger like video with size big and similar.

In addition, features Message Reactions also has improved capacity and already started debuted in multiple regions. WhatsApp has stated that user will get choice emoji limited in things reaction, but features the later will get support for all emoji and color skin.

Explained WhatsApp that features Message Reactions alone are features fast, fun, and effective to reduce number replies in groups.

More more WhatsApp also increase limit participant on call group WhatsApp. Feature this now support up to 32 participants in call groups but that only limited on version smartphone.

“We suggest to use network Wifi on when send file size large. Progress will show on when upload or download file to know time that needed to transfer the file ,” write WhatsApp via page Blog, like which collected team Cellular, Saturday (07/05/22).

Lastly, WhatsApp also plans to soon introduce features which more interesting like “Device companion” which allows user to use one account WhatsApp in multiple smartphone or tablet.

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