Home News Elon Musk Will Overhaul Twitter Leadership, Parag Agrawal Position Is Threatened

Elon Musk Will Overhaul Twitter Leadership, Parag Agrawal Position Is Threatened


Elon Musk ready take over position CEO Twitter for while if takeover which proposed over company success. Billionaire the try get additional $ 7 billion to fund acquisition.

CNBC reports Musk expected will take control company for several months, replace Parag Agrawal who take over position CEO from Jack Dorsey on November 2021 .

The report is one indication big first Musk plans to trigger reshuffle leadership if deal worth $44 billion achieved.

The offer, worth $54.20 cash per share, accepted by board boards company end month last. fate deal now located on holders shares and regulators Twitter.

But Musk would have hand full if he lead Twitter, remember he too head maker cars Tesla Motors, operators satellite SpaceX and Boring Company.

Takeover Musk seems gets close. A submission with Commission Securities and Exchange US (SEC) shows that he has earned $7.14 billion in commit equity from investors to fund deal that with CNBC report that billionaire it has selected contributors own.

Investors including co-founder Oracle Larry Ellison, who will provide $1 billion, with commit $5 billion from investors SpaceX Honeycomb Asset Management.

Prince Arab Saudi Alwaleed bin Talal also agree to include invest $ 1.89 billion who in twitter in in bid Musk, add that he will be “a very good leader” for company.

Previous Alwaleed bin Talal asserted no will sell part share his to Elon Musk. With support 19 investor in in Musk now own commit financing of $27.25 billion, to take over fully Twitter.

Plan Musk remodel management Twitter, at-a-time take over position CEO not surprise billionaire birth Africa South that, since long had often screaming to 83 million followers on Twitter about what what needs fixed.

But one which sure, Musk will enforce freedom opinion on Twitter, like who he says in his statement on Cnet, Tuesday (26/4/2022).

“Freedom speech is foundation of democracy that works and Twitter is square city digital where things important for future future people human argued,” said Musk in a statement.

Musk pun mentioned wanted to make Twitter better better than before before one with add features new, too make the algorithm be open source, and battling bots spam and authenticate everyone people who uses Twitter.

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