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Google Stadia Successfully Attracts More Than 4000 Game Developers


Google has presented the service streaming game new named Stadia, where the service ” seems has attracted attention some developers.” According to Manager Account Technical Sam Corcoran, more than 4,000 developers game have showed interest them to support service Google Stadia via program partner Stadia.

According to Corcoran, /“We have more than 4,000 companies who file application to access Stadia and every one of them reviewed by humans,” / besides that he also recommends to” developers to put some thoughts in in apps they as /“someone is reading.”/

This probably shows that not all apps may has asked opportunity to do something for Stadia but this show that there interest which extra amazing against platform streaming game new owned this Google.

Some developers certainly want to see Stadia demonstrated in scale are mu more bigger before they commit to develop something for the platform that . Besides that Google also has confirmed, that even though publisher game decided not no longer support Stadia,” titles what they offer previously will continue available” �to customers Google Stadia.

Corcoran gives some suggestions for developers who want propose application for access to Stadia./ “œWhat what really I suggest and what what always accepted with good – is has thought that good about access which provided Stadia, which allows people to play at all point end which different this and hopefully can expand reach players who can engage with your game” /word Corcoran.

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