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Microsoft Announces Its Word App For Android Has Been Downloaded 1 Billion Times


Microsoft Word is one one application productivity most popular in world so not surprising that application the have proven to be application the most most used, even on OS mobile owned Google though. According to data stats Google Play latest, version Android from Microsoft Word have installed more than 1 billion times, and those followed by applications Microsoft Office other which also had many installed on device android.

For example Excel, app spreadsheet which also popular this has installed more than 500 times on devices android and things which same applies to OneNote , PowerPoint, and OneDrive too.” Outlook for android gradually increase speed and have collected more than 100 million installs on android.

Important to”note in”here, that numbers this may not reflect all installs from Google Play Store.” Microsoft indeed has agreement with some manufacturer device where its Office applications loaded by default on device their. For example, you will find Office suite on smartphone flagship from Samsung.

The interesting, though cloud based services like” Google Docs”┬áhave been very popular over several years last most people and indeed business more likes continue use Microsoft Office, which is a software productivity who has old they knew, even on platform desktop.

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