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Redmi Leaks 64MP Resolution Smartphone Camera


In month May last, Samsung has launched sensor camera latest its who has resolution 64MP, and until current this already known manufacturer smartphone where only who will use sensor camera that one one is Redmi, where child company this already posted some sample camera on profile Weibo owned company.

Redmi which is child company of Xiaomi this officially says that they entered era camera 64 megapixel and of course we hope smartphone next from Redmi will carry sensor the.

However image the not say specifically will use sensor from Samsung, but remember Timeline, very probably that Redmi will use sensor Samsung. Even if smartphone able produce 64 MP image year last year, this is first time sensor capable produce photo with details the.

Sensor in smartphone Redmi which will coming use technology Tetracell which has improved, where this will produce photo 16 MP in environment less light but capable capture detail which better better.

There is possibility to be 64 MP switch to use all pixels but this recommended to do only in lighting which good because not give details like version terbinned. In addition, expected also will is boost autofocus and recording video full HD at 480 fps.

Sensor Quad Bayer also would enable feature HDR real-time, be smartphone Redmi next will be smartphone which awaited its coming because will offer camera which good.

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