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WhatsApp Now Available For Feature Phones Running KaiOS


Share you who don’t know KaiOS , basically it is system operating based web which dedicated to phone features and Google has issued many investment for the OS . but which obviously the platform the current current does has many apps which can install and no presence WhatsApp on mobile will make phone the less get interest. But the thing now different, where where service messaging biggest in world current this has available for KaiOS, so those who buy phone this can use WhatsApp on phone features.

WhatsApp now available to download from store app KaiOS.” App this actually available on JioPhone which runs KaiOS in India so know that app that in eventually will make its way to device other too.” That’s what happened today this.

Iteration KaiOS of WhatsApp allows user to call and send message to user WhatsApp other so they can use functionality same exact like how they use it on smartphone android or iOS.” Even any encryption edge-to-edge.

This app is compatible with phone features KaiOS which has RAM only 256MB.” But needs keep in mind that it only will be available on device KaiOS which runs iteration which more new of devices software which has capability to download app from app store. Not yet known whether sales KaiOS this will expanded to market other, but which obviously with is support WhatsApp to KaiOS can push numbers sales phone features.

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