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Google Releases Android Q Beta 2, Brings ‘Bubbles’ Notifications


When Android Q Developer Preview launched last month ,” it was known that Google could consider to introduce features new to manage notifications” in form “chat heads”. ” Share those who don’t know this sort of Facebook which introduce concept chat heads which is icon float on screen home, where where user can tap to chat quickly with friends them.

Advantage of features this is that chat heads this always is and is on above application which is save time user than should back and forth changed app. now seems the feature the confirmed in beta second Android Q. On blog Google Developers Android, company announced feature new which they call “Bubbles”.

Looks feature that will work in the same like chat heads way way, except that this will work in more more apps and notifications.” Google,” /”œBubbles very good for sending messaging because allows users keep chat important to easy reachable.” They also give view convenient on task and update which are ongoing, like call phone or time arrival.” They can provide access fast to UI portable like notes or translation, and also can be reminder tasks.” /

Seems that could be a interesting and more convenient to deal with notifications though we imagine that some users may not appreciate bubbles this float on screen home them all time.” However, android Q still in version beta so for all what we know currently now feature the may not will available in version final.

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