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Some Google Assistant Answers Now Starting Showing Ads


As what we know service from Google can we enjoy for free. But as usual when use service free then is ad already become thing which natural. Google Assistant is a service assistant digital which can used by all users Android for free. But” some of you may have forecast that this will happen and now Google has confirmed that service Assistant will start show ads.

Google Assistant will show ads in some answers they will be type ad which same as who you find in search regular Google .” They has launched for assistant personal as part of update which brings styles answers new and elements which more interactive.

Google” “confirms” in posts announcements for new features that some results new /”œmay include ads which already existed who will you see in Google Search today .” / So if you ask assistant about hotel nearby it will show ad for booking site like who you look at regular Google search.

The company sees has tested this for some months now because there some reports in months February of ads shown in answers Assistant. But when it not yet confirmed whether appear ad the will launch to all users or no.

This is based on the premise that for some questions response which most helpful to a query possible to show links to various sources from all web so that users can easily learn more more.” In this case they will see set complete result search from web, and if relevant, Google too will include ads who are are are in Search day this in results who shown by Google Assistant too.

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