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AV TECH CCTV Hack vulnerability


AVTECH is a Taiwanese company that produces video surveillance technology, this company offers CCTV services that can be controlled via the website.

A security vulnerability has been detected and can be found using a search engine tool SHODAN

1. Visit shodan Official Site

2. Enter the search keyword “linux upnp avtech Maxuser

3. Select a target and click the icon

4. If it looks like this then it’s a security hole, if not then find another target

5. Find user data, like in the example

6. Open the cctv login page by adding “/nobody/loginQuick.htm” or “/nobody/mobile320.htm” in the url
Example :

7. insert username & password, and click the login button

8. and you will enter the cctv view system

Please remember that this information is only for learning material, any form of misuse is not our responsibility.

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