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Hackers Break Russian Central Bank, 403 Billion Rupiah Disappears


The action of bank hacking seems to be on the rise some time ago. In fact, it was not only the bank’s network system that was breached, but they were also unmitigated to bring a sum of money that was worth more than hundreds of millions of Rupiah.

As happened in Russia, CNN reported that the Russian central bank had lost around 31 million USD or 403.8 billion Rupiah. The actions of the hackers, who allegedly numbered more than one person, were finally known, which took place during 2016.

The bank said that the intention of the hackers was to steal more money. But they were finally able to thwart it and return some of the money that had been transferred. Not only banks are the target of these hackers, but their customers’ money is also their target.

This seems to be related to a recently reported threat, which states that a group of hackers will attack the bank’s security network system in Russia. But so far there is still no sign of this.

After being investigated, it turns out that this attack has similarities with several other bank burglary cases that have occurred at banks in Bangladesh, where these hackers managed to steal an amount of money worth 81 million USD or around 1 trillion Rupiah. Reportedly these hackers wanted to steal as much as 951 USD, but due to a typo or typo on the recipient’s side, the bank immediately found out.

With the increasing number of bank breaches in recent times, the world bank’s security regulatory agencies are also recommending banks around the world to update their network systems.

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