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Hackers Threaten to Overthrow PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Christmas Day


This Christmas celebration can be said to be quite a long holiday, especially in several countries that are entering winter holidays. One of the activities to fill the holidays is certainly playing games with relatives or relatives. But what if the service offered by Sony with its PlayStation Network or Microsoft with its Xbox Live crashes on that day?

It seems that this threat needs to be watched out for because a threat has just circulated from hackers, which reportedly will disable both Sony and Microsoft services. Reporting from Softpedia, a hacker group called “R.I.U. Star Patrol said in a video uploaded on YouTube that they will shut down PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services on Christmas Day.

Overseas, Christmas is one of the busiest days. This hacker group also made it clear that the attack was not in the interests of any particular party. They said that the action they were going to carry out was because they felt they could break into the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services, and stated that this group just wanted to have fun.

This means that when both services from Sony and Microsoft are turned off, PlayStation and Xbox console users cannot play online. It may even be possible to not be able to access certain content available on both services.

It seems that the attack that will be launched by the hacker group R.I.U. Star Patrol is based on DDoS attacks. Sony itself has been overwhelmed by hacker attacks on their PlayStation Network service,” even the data of 10 million users has been stolen by the hacker group.

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