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Samsung Shares Short Teaser Video For Galaxy Note 10


It’s no secret that the Galaxy Note 10 will be the next flagship from Samsung for the second half of 2019, and recently Samsung Indonesia has just tweeted a short video about the “Galaxy Note10 Unpacked” event which will take place on 7 August.

While the date has been officially known so far, the video hints at how Samsung will market its new flagship smartphone.


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See the Next Powerful Galaxy on August 8, 2019 #SamsungEvent pic.twitter.com/yToGVbq9Bz

— Samsung Indonesia (@samsungID) July 8, 2019


For the theme in the video emphasizes a device that can replace the role of several devices. For example, only with the addition of DeX, the Galaxy Note 10 can replace the function of a laptop when you are out of the office.

Of course it is a surprising business-oriented view of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. If we recall the first promotional video of the Galaxy Note 9, it does show a device that is suitable for an office environment, but is also known to have good quality in terms of camera, gaming performance, and performance. water resistance so that it is dubbed as an all-in-one device, not only as a business device.

However, this is only the first video of many to come in the future. We already know that the Galaxy Note 10 camera will be based on the camera settings of the Galaxy S10 5G which consists of three cameras + 3D ToF sensor and this device will also be powered by an upgraded chipset. For more details, we look forward to the next teaser from Samsung.

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