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Wow, This Chinese Hacker Can Hack Google Pixel In Just One Minute


Google Pixel and Pixel XL are smartphones with the latest brand from Google and it automatically replaces the Nexus as an Android device from Google. Although this smartphone carries the latest technology, it turns out that there are loopholes that are not yet known by Google and this can be easily broken into by hackers.

A group of good (white-hat) hackers from China named Qihoo 360 have managed to hack the Google Pixel in just one minute. Fortunately these hackers are not hacking for malicious intent, instead this is to let Google know that there are still malicious loopholes that hackers can exploit to inject malicious exploit code. The vulnerability is Google (zero-day vulnerability that can inject malicious code remotely.

(Credit: The Register)

As quoted from The Next Web, Qihoo 360 itself demonstrated this dangerous security vulnerability at the 2016 Pwnfest hacking competition which was held in Seoul, South Korea last week.

After successfully injecting malicious code, Qihoo 360 managed to take control of the hacked Google Pixel. They tried to open the Play Store and Chrome browser before finally displaying a message saying ” Pwned by 360 Alpha Team” on the Google Pixel main screen.

Of course, with the knowledge of this security hole, Google immediately took steps to patch the security hole that was found by Qihoo 360. Because it had managed to find this security hole, the white-hat team received a monetary reward of $120,000 or equivalent to Rp1, 6 billion.

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