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Yahoo reveals massive hacking, 1 billion user data stolen by hackers


Yahoo really became the butt of hackers. In September last, they announced a hack that led to the theft of 500 thousand user data. And now, they are again announcing the same thing, even with the amount of data stolen is far more. Reached the 1 billion mark.

Yahoo in its official release revealed, this hacking took place in 2013. They also alleged that this hacking action was carried out by the same hacker as the attack that resulted in 500 thousand Yahoo user data changing hands.

In a statement, Yahoo said that there were third parties who had illegally accessed more than 1 billion user data. The hacker also managed to obtain a combination of data belonging to Yahoo users.

Starting from the name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, protected passwords, and in some cases security questions and answers also appear. The good news is that data in the form of credit cards or account numbers are not stolen because they are stored on a different system.

Yahoo parties still do not know the figure of the hacker who managed to destroy the security system. As an anticipatory measure, Yahoo has also sent notifications to its email service users to change their passwords.

Yahoo promises that they will continue to improve its security system so that something like this does not happen again. In addition, they are also trying to file law enforcement regarding the incident.

So, for those of you who are still active in using Yahoo email, immediately change your password, OK! Especially if the email is often used for important activities.

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